Synthetic blended spun yarn: T/R, T/C Yarn: Raw White - counts: 30s/1, 40s/1, 40s/2, 60s/2, 45s/2, 20s/2 

 100% Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn: 
 120D/30F, 150D/30F, 300D/60F, 450D/60 - Raw White bright. 
 100% Polyester:Polyester Textured Yarn: 75D-150D/36F-288F both SD, RW and Dyed 
 Polyester Filament Yarn (FDY/SDY): 50D/36, 75D/36F, 150D/4 8F Bright Trilobal.

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  •     Chemical & Yarn

    Chemical: Organic / Inorganic, Oleochemical(PFAD, CKFAD, CFAD) mainly used in Soao Factories from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine etc.

    Yarn: All sorts of Yarn FDY/DTY and Metallic yarn are being imported by genuine manufacturers and reliable suppliers

  •     FDY filament yarn
  •     DTY polyester yarn