Fresh Apple: Red Gala, Red Star, Fuji, Jiguan, Qinguan, Golden Del. Huaniu, count/size: 138-198/150/216(jiguan) 125-175(Huaniu) all in 20kg carton. Mainly from China, Newzealand, Brazil, USA, etc. Orange: Navel & Valencia count72/88 or 105 per 15kg carton.


  •     Chemical & Yarn

    Chemical: Organic / Inorganic, Oleochemical(PFAD, CKFAD, CFAD) mainly used in Soao Factories from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine etc.

    Yarn: All sorts of Yarn FDY/DTY and Metallic yarn are being imported by genuine manufacturers and reliable suppliers

  •     FDY filament yarn
  •     DTY polyester yarn